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MCT Flow??

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I just recently mapped out (roughly) the rest of our MCT Island year. It seems that we'll be finished with Sentence Island by the end of March, but will be mostly on target to finish the other components by May/June. My question is: do you recommend we start Grammar Town right after Sentence Island is complete or should we wait to complete the other components of Island before beginning Town. FWIW, I plan to school year round.



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We started MCT off sequence with the rest of the school year. We got the Town level materials about a year ago. We did Grammar Town last spring and I liked having it completed before everything else. We were able to start our school year this fall jumping right into Paragraph Town, Practice Town, and everything else. We sort of started Caesar's English and Building Poems last year, but I quickly figured out that I would rather start those fresh in the fall. But getting Grammar Town done early was great. I think we might do that again this year and get the Voyage level grammar done early. And Grammar Island for my 2nd grader.

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I read somewhere that sometimes the brain needs some stewing time....that taking a break, and coming back to it a second time, quickly reviewing and moving on, is better for cementing the information. You could do Grammar Town now and then when you start school up again (I assume even year around you take a few weeks off during the summer?) DD can read through Grammar Town on her own for review and start right into Paragraph Town.

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