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Foreign language storytime/playgroup

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I just need some hive minds to bounce this off of before I even bring it up on my local homeschool mailing list and get myself into more trouble than I know what to do with!


I was thinking of starting a French storytime/playgroup at the library. Since it wouldn't be a for-profit event, it would be free to use the meeting room.


I'm not fluent in French, so I wouldn't be able to lead the entire thing in French, but I regularly read in French to DD, so I know I can get through some books. Then I was thinking of getting a few CDs with childrens songs and reading a book, followed by a song (preferably an action or sing a long song), then another book and song.


Has anyone ever tried to do something like this? (Even an English language storytime!!) I was thinking of opening it up to elementary school kids, since the olders will probably be bored with the types of materials.

Any suggestions? Does this sound completely crazy?

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This is te best time to develop foreign language skills so I think it is a great idea. However, the reaosn it is such a great time is because little kids pick up everything aurally. It is therefore essential that you are providing everything with a good accent. CDs etc are great - maybe charge a small fee and try and find a native speaker in the community to pay once a month to do a conversationally based session?

Good luck

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