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Calling Dr. Hive -- Is this constipation or what?

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Okay, those of you brave enough to have opened this post, here's my problem. The past week or so, I have frequently felt bloated and tender in my lower abdomen. It feels like gas, but it lasts longer and is happening every day. Also I'm constipated. (Trying not to be graphic here; sorry.) Is it common to have mild but annoying lower abdominal pain with constipation? Or is there something else going on? What's the best remedy?





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I don't know if this will help but when my kids where little and constipated the doctor told me to give them canned pears. Worked like a charm every time and it still helps as they have grown older. It might be worth a try. It can't hurt.


Bleh, I don't like canned fruit! But maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!



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