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I know there are threads, but dd wants an e-reader I haven't a clue dh....

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is concerned about having to have it linked to a credit card and then having charges on it. Can you share with me which one is the best deal and how hard is it to download books. I know there are free books out there, our library does have some e-books. Are they worth it? We don't buy a lot of books, but dd reads ALL the time.




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I have a Nook and hi speed internet. Downloading books is very easy. I usually get books from www.gutenberg.org free classics and out of copyright books. B&N has some free books available, but you have to watch them, some are beyond R rating. I have a CC linked, but haven't bought any books yet. I don't know any way to block the internet on the Nook, so you would have to decide how responsible your dd is.

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I have a Kindle that is linked to my Amazon account. I know Amazon sells gift cards that can be used to purchase Kindle books, so that might be a solution for you that would cap the amount that could be spent and wouldn't charge a CC.


It's so incredibly easy to purchase books, whether you do it online or directly from the Kindle itself. I too have a ton of free books. There are thousands of classics available and Amazon regularly runs some books for free for a limited time. You can sign up to all kinds of email lists to keep updated on what is currently free.


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i am planning to get a kindle, because its my understanding that you can send other books to a kindle, but not kindle books to another reader, and i have a TON of kindle books that i read on my ipod, that i've gotten free. check out this blog for listings of free books when they come out, lots of smut but lots of good ones too



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I just got a Nook for my birthday, and I love it. I was very unsure which I wanted - Kindle or Nook - but for me, the Nook's ability to work with the library was a major factor in Nook's favor.


Now - I have to say - I love *books.* I was concerned I was not going to like reading on an e-reader. I had read that it was totally different than reading on the computer - and it is. No eye strain at all. It took all of about 30 minutes, and I was totally in love with my Nook. I have read more in the past few weeks than I have in quite awhile - not sure why that is, but it is.


Downloading books is easy ( I did have to have a credit card on my B&N account, but have pretty much mostly just used gift cards for anything I wanted to buy - but there are SO many free books available, too.) I also love that almost every book has a "free preview" so I can see if it is a book I will like enough to actually buy or not.

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Is your DH concerned that your dd will purchase books without your knowledge and consent? I would talk with her and tell her that not buying books on her own is a condition of getting & using the ereader.


I own a Kindle. Purchases are made with a 1-click method, but you can change the payment method on that method. You are not required to register a credit or debit card on that account, but you have to establish the 1-click method with an address. You can link a gift card to the account though. Your dd would be limited in how much she could spend.


There is also a refund policy that allows you to receive a refund on a book within the first 7 days of purchasing.


Kindle lets you download a sample chapter, the first chapter, to see if you're interested in purchasing the rest.


The only thing that annoys me about my Kindle is that it does not have a backlight. It's extremely easy on the eyes to read when there is good light around. However, my room is kind of dark with very low lights so I have to use a book light designed for the Kindle. That is a concern for some people. Then again, not being backlit might discourage children from staying up late at night in a dark room reading. :)

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Hands Down. Weeks of research. Owned a Kindle first, like the Nook better.


Can buy books from almost anywhere - Just got a book from GoogleBooks for less than on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and it works great. Nook will accomodate PDF, EPub, and some other formats I can't remember (because I never use)


B&N has more free books, and is getting more textbooks that are formatted to the Nook


Nook has extendable memory, and the battery can be replaced by you - without having to send it in to Amazon and pay them to replace it.


The touch screen is cool :)


Nook is constantly updating its software per user requests - free downloads of the new software


Nook can use Kindle Books


Longer battery life

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I've said it before on these ereader threads and I'll say it again. Check out the Kobo. After handling the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, I chose the Kobo. I'm able to get books from the library, which you can't do on Kindle, and it comes with 100 preloaded classics. I can download books wirelessly, but I typically connect it to my laptop as I prefer browsing books there. Easy.


The wifi version is on sale, until January 17th, for only $99!




I know it doesn't have the buzz of Nook or Kindle, but I love my Kobo.

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