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Postman just told me I owed $2.95 postage on an e-bay purchase.

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I had paid $6.99 for shipping over the cost of the item. I could have paid less, but I opted for the seller who offered priority mail. It looks like the seller printed his own shipping label and stuffed the item into a flat-rate envelope. Maybe the problem is the item wasn't flat???

Has this ever happened to you?

I didn't think of it at the time, but maybe I should have refused delivery?

I've sent a message to the seller and wonder how long a response will take . . .

I don't have a receipt from the postman so I don't have proof I had to pay extra. :glare:

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Wait a minute...if it was a FLAT RATE envelope then whatever you can fit in there goes at that amount. Not clear at all why the postman charged you extra! Did someone write 'Priority Mail' on the envelope or something?

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We had this happen because the seller put a small flat rate box postage label on a medium flat rate box. We got charged $5.75 for the difference. There should be a stamp for more postage due right on the package - probably near where the postage was. We took a picture of that and notified the seller. When the seller called us a liar, we notified the Ebay customer service. They sided with us and gave us our money.

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Yes, it is because it is not flat. The post office changed the rules this year, and basically anything over a certain thickness is no longer being accepted in a flat rate envelope. Too bad you did not refuse, because the seller would then be responsible for either reshipping or refunding your entire amount.


I would send the seller a message that you had to pay x.xx to get your package, and you would appreciate a partial refund for the difference in price. If they don't refund the 2.95, then leave a negative with an explanation. As both a buyer and seller on ebay, I get very annoyed when sellers don't keep up with rule changes.

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