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Prayers for DH

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DH quit work two years ago to start his own business. At the time, his employer had cut his pay 25%. The result was that his pay no longer covered our basic bills. We decided that it was time for him to go off on his own in the same field, especially since he had clients who had been following him from job to job and would follow him to his new business. We figured he'd have a better chance of improving our financial situation on his own rather than working for someone who is cutting costs.


We cashed out his IRA to cover costs for the first year. That's gone, along with our savings. We survived the second year with children's medical, WIC, and food stamps. His income has been slowly but steadily increasing. We don't get WIC anymore, and our food stamp allowance has dropped $220 a month.


He's in the process of putting together a proposal for a LARGE client. This client was a client at a previous employer (who has since gone out of business). Another client has been recommending DH to them for a while. He is, unfortunately, competing against a friend for the proposal. He contacted his friend to let him know, and his friend emailed him his proposal and asked that he not undercut his price so much as to make him look bad. DH plans on under bidding him by just a little. There is also a possibility that they could team up and work together for the client; they already have an agreement to help cover for each other anyway.


Anyway, if he gets this contract independently, it will increase DH's retainer income at least 50%. This, in addition to what he makes with hourly work, will get us off food stamps and possibly children's medical (the income requirements are quite high for those that pay a premium). It could bring his salary up to the highest it has ever been.


This would help our homeschooling, too, because we use a virtual academy. The state tried to shut down alternative learning last year, and with the budget cuts, I'm preparing for it to be shut down this year. This means we won't have the school funds we are used to, which pay for curriculum and DS taekwondo.


So, prayers that he gets the client would be awesome. It would be so nice to not struggle so much.

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Praying! Here's hoping said friend doesn't change his proposal. I would just put in an honest bid and not worry about other bids.



I don't think the friend would do that. He's a good, Christian man. He once offered my husband a job and wanted to meet with me, too, to ensure I was on board with it. We opted against it because we felt he couldn't afford an employee at the time, but they've remained in contact ever since. With their current arrangement, he has sent work DH's way.


Thanks for the prayers everyone!

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