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Other books like "My Father's Dragon" or "Harry the Poisonous Caterpillar"?


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So, books that aren't too difficult for the 11 yo to read aloud with confidence but can be enjoyed by the 7 yo?


Well, any chapter books series would seem to fit - Ivy and Bean, Magic Treehouse, or anything like that. But I'm thinking you want something more literary? Okay, so gentle, easyish read alouds that can be enjoyed by both an 11yo and a 7 yo...


The Tashi books - these sort of have magic, but if you don't object to the dragons in My Father's Dragon, then you might not have a problem with these - they're about a boy and his imaginary friend (it's never clearly stated that the friend is imaginary, but it's fairly obvious) who trade tall tales about the adventures that the imaginary friend has had - the tall tales include a lot of magical creatures and the imaginary friend himself is some sort of hobbit-like creature. Tashi, the imaginary friend, usually gets out of all sorts of scrapes with his wits. They're a lot like fairy tales - very sweet, very short, and have lovely little illustrations.


Roxie and the Hooligans - about a girl and some bullies who get accidentally taken to a desert island where they have to band together to avoid some thieves before getting rescued - there are a couple of mildly scary moments as Roxie and the bullies evade the bad guys - but it's a very gentle, well-written adventure book. There's cute, slightly cartoony illustrations.


The Jamie and Angus Stories - I keep recommending these to people - they're super sweet about a young boy and his stuffed bull. Absolutely nothing controversial, but very well written, with soft pencil illustrations. Might be a little on the young end for your two though. The protagonist is clearly a kindergarten aged child.


Nim's Island - Maybe a slight stretch, but a sweet adventure about a girl who was raised on a deserted island by her scientist father (she's home schooled!) and spends all her time with the animals there. But her father gets unexpectedly delayed and she gets stuck there alone for several days and must deal with a polluting cruise line who wants to ruin the island and a world famous author who is coming to visit. The illustrations are rough and silly. If you don't like the idea of the girl being left alone, then not the book for you, but it's really a pretty sweet story - and the movie's very different, but not horrible either.


ETA: and I second Laura's Dick King-Smith suggestion

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