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Best Bible Geography?


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When I was a child I was NEVER able to understand where the events of the Bible were really taking place...and I still don't! I'd love to learn this alongside my children and be able to actually know what I'm talking about!


Ideally I'd like a program to go through the Bible chronologically and have all the mapping assignments to go with it. This could be stand-alone or within the context of a larger history program.


Please give me your best recommendations!:bigear:



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Simply Charlotte Mason!!!

It is exactly what you discribed!! Now the maps are no *in* the guide, but you are instructed to purchase the set, and they are scheduled. There are 3 guides that cover the Bible chronologically.


Here is the first guide, see sample:




You would also want to make sure to get the Oxford History book as it will link the rest of history with your Bible reading/history.

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No, I think you've got it right Susie! I just see SCM markets it more as an all-in-one history/geography/Bible but we do SL for history/geography/literature so it didn't seem like it would be enough to replace SL with for a year (if that makes sense.) That's why I was thinking out loud to see if it would work in the Bible slot. I think it would!

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