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A fun short video for the Well Trained Star Wars fans out there. :)

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Wow, I watched a bunch of his other animations, too — he's amazing. I like the music, too! Thanks so much for posting this.


LibraryLover, someone asked that about one of the other videos (Organ Donor) and he said that one took him a little over a month.



You're welcome.


Thank you! My dds will love these. :)



This is so neat! Thanks for sharing. Not to hijack, but here's another cool artistic Star Wars item.

Feel free! Hijack away. :)

Thank you!


That is exactly the kind of thing my kids spend hours doing!

Really? Do they animate them as well? How cool. :) My dd makes short stop motion films with out camera, but nothing with paper.

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Wow. My 11 yo is working on a stop action film right now-he is going to LOVE this.


That's great!! :) My dd did one with her dolls that was so cute.


I hope ya'll that have creative kids making videos will post up what they're doing so we can all admire it. You can post it up to this thread if you want. I just think it would be neat to share our kiddos projects. :)

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