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Will this be on the final exam?

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I remember one professor being just lambasted for being "sneaky" on the final. He handed out a rather long set of questions (about 200) at the beginning of his class and said told us to either write out an answer from these questions by looking in the book, or from listening to my lectures, and you will get a good grade on the final (the only test for his class).


I believed him. I didn't go to class (this was med school, and many classes were worth skipping, as the book was clearer). I read the book, wrote out answers (it was a lot of work) and got the best grade in my entire career. I wanted every teacher to do this. And yet he was loathed and called "Sneaky Pete", just because his tests were HARD. They were hard, but not mysterious like many others were. You didn't have to "suss" out the teacher, butter him or her up for hints, ask your frat brothers for copies of the old tests, etc. You just had to study.

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