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"Transition planning" for high schooler

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Has anyone here gone through transition planning with a child in special education with the public school? I’m interested in hearing about other’s experiences and whether the school provided extra services that you couldn’t as a homeschooler.

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What type of transition do you mean? My eldest transfered to the ps in Nov as a Sophomore, and so we met with the counsellor a couple of times. In preparation, though, I'd used the ps website to see how they did their semesters, what they called their courses, etc. I did that before dd started her freshman year in case she ever went to ps part time or switched completely. I found that helpful in writing a transcript for the ps and in granting credits, since they give 5 credits for a full course as opposed to 1 credit, and in using names they recognize. eg this school doesn't have anything called literature prior to AP, but they study lit in Academic & Honours English classes.


What I didn't do was ask them what dd should take. We have state case law that stipulates what subjects we have to cover prior to high school.

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