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Any hvac people or anyone who has recently researched this?

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Our furnace is 16 years old. It is starting to cause us problems. Last night DH was able to replace the motor so we are back up and running (and warm, thankfully.) But...reality tells me that our days of being able to "jumpstart" it are numbered. We currently have a Trane XL80 gas furnace. Our house is 4000 sq. ft (ranch with 2000 upstairs and 2000 downstairs.) The last time we researched the best units to put in for efficiency and price was in the early 90's when we were building so I have no idea what to consider now. We are just now finishing our basement so this would also be a convenient time to trade out the system but I sure don't want to. Anyone have any suggestions on what type of heat/unit to consider? I can't believe how expensive it is!

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I don't know where you live, but we had the A/C problem this summer. Our house is also 16 years old. One of the things we found out was that we couldn't just replace the A/C unit, but had to also replace the heating unit, too. Supposedly, these new energy efficient units need a stronger fan to push the air over the cooling coils and force the heat out of the furnace. We had four different companies say the same thing. Then they hit us with the cost and I was running around with my fingers in my ears :willy_nilly:. We were fortunate that a neighbor friend came over and just filled us up with freon for $100 and we made it through the summer. I dread this summer because I am afraid we will have to replace the units and they are just uber expensive. Problem is, in the Deep South, you have to have A/C or things in your home get ruined by the extreme heat and humidity.

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