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EIW vs. WWE vs. Classical Writing


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It would depend on their current writing ability. For a complete non writer I'd start with the WWE Strong Fundamentals book and work through the samples in the book for a good foundation to boost confidence, then move on to IEW materials. I have no experience with CW to offer a comparison, sorry. For a more able but still reluctant writer I'd start with IEW. You could see if your library has the WWE book.

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If they are a complete non-writer don't start with WWE Level 4. For fifth grade you might want the overview book - The Complete Writer. Take them through the evaluations and go from there. IEW works great if they can write well but need direction on the structure of the writing. The SWI get mom out of the picture with DVD instruction which can help some at this age as well. We did a theme book - All Things Fun and Fascinating - last year and had a blast with it.


Take Care,

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Which would you use with a reluctant 5th grade writer who you want to develop into a great, confident writer? Have you used more than one of these? If so, can you compare? Why did you choose what you chose?


WWE and CW come from the same philosophy, I don't know about EIW. WWE is the beginning steps, and CW picks up about where it leaves off right now and moves forward.


WWE has a focus on summary work that CW doesn't have in their primary series. Their focus is more on CM type narration, retelling with as much detail as they can remember. That said CW Homer works heavily on summary work, so using WWE before CW pays off.


WWE 1 works on answering comprehension questions and copywork.


WWE 2 works on answering comprehension questions, summarizing, copywork and dictation.


WWE 3 the student begins to read the passage on their own and still works on questions, summarizing and dictation as separate skills. So the child summarizes the parent write it down and then the parent gives it back to them as dictation.


WWE 4 Brings all the skills together so that the child reads, summarizes and writes it down.


CW Aesop works on detailed narration, quotations, vocab (using a dictionary), grammar (parts of speech), reinforces spelling, and encourages the use of descriptive detail.


CW Homer teaches how to find the essential parts of a passage and the non-essential, then to summarize the essential. Once they finish A they should be able to write a book report. B works on starting in the middle of the story, from the end, and with expanding non-fiction with real facts while still summarizing the essential details. You also work on changing tense, working with synonyms, moving modifiers (words, phrases and clauses), changing sentence type, changing between common and proper nouns, changing from 1st, 2nd and 3rd person pronouns, etc... Basically the goal is to be so used to changing the language that you can do so very easily, and you are so used to how that changes the whole sentence that you should make agreement mistakes.


CW Diogenes teaches how to choose content and how to write an essay.


That should help you place your 5th grader. If they struggle with dictation or summarizing you might want to start with WWE 2 or 3, just do it at double time. If they can do them, but need practice then level 4 would be good. If they do summaries well then you would want to look at either CW Aesop, which I love, but some people find it hard to use. Writing Tales covers the same material and is more user friendly. Though it also takes longer to get through. If they can do summaries, dictation, detailed narration, quotes, look up vocab and add descriptive detail then you can jump into Homer. Homer starts back with the parts of speech, so you don't have to have done Aesop first. They will continued to build on the skills in Aesop, so you don't want to miss them either.



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