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Did anyone else get an extended vacation?


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My guy phoned home yesterday. Seems Georgia was still in quite the mess from the ice and snow (he estimated 8 inches of snow where he was) and classes were canceled for the whole week (will now start Monday instead of last Tuesday).


He was thoroughly enjoying himself and talked of snowballs, Settlers of Catan, sledding, and general fun. I joked with him about it being day care instead of college!


He said the college had worked 4 snow days into the schedule. Now they've used all 4 right at the beginning of the semester. I wonder what happens if they get any more?

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Hi! We got the snow days too because we were trapped on Lookout Mountain!:)


We had spent the weekend in Atlanta, having some fun and visiting my ds's alma mater (GA Tech). When we got to Cov. on Sunday night, we planned on heading home monday morning. We woke up to about a foot of snow! It was so beautiful, but very icy. it was fun for the first day, but we really needed to get home. We left Tues afternoon and the road down the mtn. was fine. It really was just around the college that was so bad.

The food service was not the greatest since they couldn't get any deliveries. They also had very few workers. But, they also insisted we not pay for anything! That was a nice blessing.


I know my ds was a little disappointed that the whole week got cancelled, but he did have some fun. I know he is glad to be back to classes. He woke up on Monday with a bad head cold unfortuanetly.

This first year sure is going fast.


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That sounds like quite the story to tell in the future (plus fun to experience)!


My guy was more than happy to start classes Monday and likes them all (so far) this semester. I think he was getting a wee bit on the bored side, but his job keeps him busy too.


I can only imagine what the food was like. :D :grouphug: :D

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