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Follow up to the "Epic Failure" re: Spelling. THE PLAN


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so...I have taken your advice, but it is a two-pronged approach. I have ordered AAS, level two for DS 9 (after a little diagnostic test) AND I have ordered Phonics Road for DD 5. I am hoping that AAS will help him directly, combined with the exposure / helping with PR with DD. He cannot keep his nose out of her lessons...he loves to observe, "help" and reteach the stuff that I am working on with her, and so I know (without having to make him feel like he's starting from scratch) that he will learn her stuff without trying.


I'm excited about both. They look like great programs. It might be overkill, but I am really intent on not letting his spelling problems stand in the way of him learning to write. He has a gift for communication, and I want to empower that however I can, without it being a miserable experience.

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Good luck on your plan. It sounds similar to what mine is.

I ordered PR for the younger and a set of SWR cards and the cd for the older (we don't do well with amnipulatives). I'm hoping the older will pick up the method with the PR1 fromher sister while she's learning the full set of sounds. If the PR1 works for us, then I will probably order PR3 for the older in a month or so.

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