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Which Singapore Math books for two same-age children?


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I am planning ahead for starting Singapore 1A with my two sons who are the same age. Would I need to get them each their own Text book? I was planning to get them each their own work book and intensive practice books. I already have the old CWP books, but only one of each so I will have to make copies.


For those of you who have experience with these SM books, how many of each would you purchase if you were preparing to teach two same-age children?

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While there are some that use all of the workbook and all of the Intensive practice, I think many people use all of one and parts of the other. So you might be okay with 1 textbook, 2 workbooks, and 1 IP (or 1 wkbk and 2 IP if your kids are strong in math).


I think you could also do the CWP together on paper or on a white board, so you wouldn't have to have copies of the whole thing. My boys usually only do 3 or 6 problems from CWP a day (that's either one or two pages) so it isn't a big deal to write them on different paper. And at the beginning we usually did them together anyway.

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