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Urgent cake help needed!

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My daughter wanted a lemon cake so I found a lemon chiffon cake recipe at allrecipes and made that. The problem is that the recipe calls for a tube pan, which I don't have. Plus, I wanted a rectangular cake. So, I baked it in a 9 by 13 pan until a toothpick came out done. It looked perfect.


Mistake number 2. You were suppose to invert the tube pan on a bottle to cool so it didn't deflate. Well, how do you inflate a 9x13 cake? Without the cake falling out of the pan? So I didn't do it.


The cake is now deflated to half size. It's about an inch and a 1/4 high. It's sagging in the middle, the sides are flaring out. I cut it into two layers because I'm putting a lemon curd filling in it. The bottom layer is completely falling apart and has a couple areas where there is no cake because it is so thin and flimsy.


Do I continue to fill and frost this cake or make the boxed mix I bought just in case? DD doesn't really care what it looks like. It does taste good, though.


Oh, and I already put 12 eggs into this one. The first six egg whites didn't form peaks because I accidentally tainted them with a few slivers of lemon zest.


Cakes do NOT like me!

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I agree - patch it. Lemon curd filling will hold that bottom layer together long enough to eat it. It sounds delicious!


If it makes you feel better - I made the world's ugliest Black Forest cake today for DD17's birthday (she's 17! EEEEEK!). I made a mistake on the filling - it was cherries and marshmellow creme and I made it too runny. When the cake warmed up to room temperature, the filling ran out and all down the sides of the cake. But the cake being ugly didn't seem to slow down DD17 and her teenage friends - there's only 1 small piece left!

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Well, yes that does make me feel better. I did the same thing to that kind of cake trying to make one for my dad. LOL


I think I may make cup cakes with the box mix to make sure. We only have 5 girls in addition to our 6 person family officially, but if the rest of the family sticks around we could have as many as 11 more people who want cake. That probably won't happen since I have the girls arriving at 3 for activities (finger nail painting and memory wire bracelets) before dinner then cake. So the cake will be served pretty late.

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I made it work. The lemon curd didn't want to completely thicken up but I used some of it anyway. The bottom layer might end up being a bit soggy. It's a tiny cake so I'll make cupcakes in the morning to go with it but...


DD loves it. For her party, we're having all girls over and painting fingernails and making bead bracelets.

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Here's a trick I use all the time with cupcakes....bake them, but don't frost them until you know for sure if you are going to need them. The unfrosted cupcakes freeze just great and you can save them for another day. If you freeze them with the frosting on, they sort of get soggy when they defrost.


Glad to hear that the cake turned out OK after all!

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