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There was another med recall today

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Why is it always the name brand things? I've begun purchasing store brands because they never seem to have any recalls.


I know. The only thing is that kinda scares me. Are they not watched as closely or are they just better about their production? I wonder.

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An I reading the recall right? I think it says that the products are okay but the bottles weren't stamped with something that is required.


The recall is at the wholesale level not consumer.


I think that is what it said.


Here's what I got for the reason:


These products were manufactured at the McNeil plant in Fort Washington, PA prior to April 2010, when production at the facility was suspended. The company is initiating the recall as a precautionary measure after an extensive review of past production records found instances where equipment cleaning procedures were insufficient or that cleaning was not adequately documented. It is very unlikely that this impacted the quality of these products.




So I'm guessing possible cross-contamination.

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