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Supplementation/review with Foerster Algebra 1?

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My youngest son, seventh grade, finished Saxon 8/7 earlier this school year and we have moved into Foerster Algebra 1, where we are on Lesson 4.4. Our transition to Foerster has been smooth and my son likes the curriculum. However, yesterday I had him take the K12 math placement test, and I was able to identify some areas that need review work:


6th grade

Fractions 75%

Geometry 75%

Statistics and Probability 50%


All other categories were at a 100%


7th grade

Equations 78%

Functions 60%

Geometry 69%

Percentages 75%

Number Theory 50%

Statistics and Probability 60%


I am not taking the results as the final word just as a guide for some review work. There were a couple of anomalies such as scoring 75% in the 6th grade fraction section but scoring 100% on the questions in the 7th grade section so I am keeping that in mind.


What came out of the testing was my son's concern that without review work in Foerster's, he is afraid he will forget what he has learned in other areas like geometry. Saxon has geometry build into it. We also would like to do additional work in statistics and probability.


Am I overreacting? Are these genuine concerns? What would you do to supplement Foerster's? I no longer have any math books below the Algebra 1 level except the 8th grade volume for Rod and Staff which I think would work for additional exercises. For geometry, I have the problems in Saxon Algebra 1, Patty Paper Geometry, and LoF Geometry. I also have LoF Beginning Algebra.


We are taking our time with Algebra working towards mastery and I am certainly not married to the idea of finishing it by the end of 7th grade.


Looking forward to your input.:tongue_smilie:

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I have never had that problem before but my children have all done Foerster's bk after MUS's alg/geo, so they have actually ahd quite a bit of geo review prior to the text.


Have you looked at the Key to books? http://www.keypress.com/x6469.xml


Another option might be some of the MM supplemental worksheet books. There is no instruction in these bks, just worksheets on the concepts.


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