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Cheese fondue recipe?

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I'm having a party this weekend where everyone is bringing a dessert or an appetizer. I was planning on making chocolate fondue, a cold fruit dip, and cheese fondue. I have a recipe for fondue that I got from a friend but it uses about $20+ worth of cheese. Yeah. That's not in the budget for me. Anyone have a cheese fondue recipe they could share? Or in the very least a cheese dip recipe that they love? I'm also open to any other savory fondue recipes you have. I have a crockpot to keep it warm in. Thanks so much.

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This is from The Melting Pot Restaurant



3-4 Servings Size









Prep Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 15 mins




  1. 1 start with 4 oz of base (beef, milk or broth).
  2. 2 add garlic.
  3. 3 add 3 shakes of mustard powder.
  4. 4 stir.
  5. 5 add small amount of cheddar cheese.
  6. 6 mix thoroughly (using whipping motion until cheese is melted).
  7. 7 add five turns of pepper grinder.
  8. 8 add three to four shakes of worcestershire sauce.
  9. 9 fold in pepper & worcestershire.
  10. 10 remove mixing fork.


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