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Any one else love the game "Set"?


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We love Set. At least, I do...I wouldn't let the kids stop playing it with me the other night. :)


It took me a while to care to open the box, then a little longer to figure out how to play and "program" my brain, but once we got it down - it's great!


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it goes something like this:


A set comprises 3 cards all the same or all different in at least one of 4 attributes: color, shape, shade and number.


Some examples:


All the same color, all the same shade, all the same shape, different number (1, 2, & 3) = set

All different shapes, all different color, all different shade and all different number = set

All different color, all same shape, all same shade, all same number = set

All same color, all different shape, all different shade, all same number = set

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We also love SET! Even the 3.5 yo gives it a go (with help from Dad).


Other games of mental merit (and that are fun) which we like:


Chocolate Fix (independent)


River Crossing (independent)



Frog Juice



We just got Carcassone for Christmas, and 8 yo DD loves to play with the adults (strategy-type game, fun, non-violent).

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