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MFW ECC (1st edition) Int Atlas question

Amy in KS

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Can someone with the first edition of ECC help me with an isbn number? I ordered the Rand McNally Intermediate World Atlas and the pages don't match the manual. I'm not sure if the content is different or not. Grr...


I guess I'm stuck buying the book again, but I'd like to know the isbn so that I'm sure I'm getting the book that will match the manual.

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Well, there's a tiny problem, with a mostly easy solution :)


Rand McNally changes that book each year in very tiny ways, and then in changing the title back and forth from Classroom Atlas to Intermediate World Atlas. why?!? why?! ugh!


mostly easy solution: I think several of us figured out that the page numbers are just off by about 4 pages. Just go to the continent you are working on.


I don't think you'll need a new book.


I remember at one time there was a post on mfw board about the page number conversion. Maybe I can find it again and post later?



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I can't find the post I was thinking about.


But I still don't think you'll need a new book. Just a help.hint for conversion of page numbers.


Here is what the post I was looking for basically said to do:


go to the online sample of ECC



scroll to week 9, monday, and look at "classroom atlas". Those page numbers will be different from Intermediate World Atlas and older versions each year. (grr... there's no easy way to tell you which book to get!) but, on week 9, monday, you are doing the first 4 pages of South America. so turn to your copy of Intermediate World Atlas where South America begins. You should have 2 intro pages and then a physical map page and then political boundary map.


that should help with page number conversions.


I'm sorry it is frustrating but I dont' think you need a new book on it. It'll be fine.



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