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Isn't 6th Grade the Beginning of the Logic Stage?

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Yes, 5-8.


5th grade is the begining. It is a transition and some kids will start in 5th, around 10. Other kids will start around 6th. Others started in 4th or earlier. Most start in one subject or skill area and then it starts showing up in others.


Because they find it comfortable, some kids have to be dragged away from grammar stage learning activities in 7th. Sometimes, it's the parents who have to be dragged away from grammar stage teaching :blushing:


By 8th or so, all kids should be there.

Added: MOST kids should be there by 8th grade. There are some that arrive in 9th or 10 grade and that is fine. I see that there is some discussion that some people never get to the rhetoric stage or arrive much older than high school.

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