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does anyone here grow veggies in a greenhouse

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during the months you can't grow outside?


I live in NH and I have a greenhouse attached to my house. I've always loved it and many times start seeds for flowers. I have also started veggies inside. But I would LOVE to extend my growing season. I have even wanted to check into hydroponic gardening. I live in NH so I probably can't grow through the winter, but if any of you do successfully grow in a greenhouse, can you please share your experience?


My greenhouse doesn't have ventilation but I'd like to finally fix that issue soon. It's mostly greenhouse windows but the two ends have siding so we could just cut into it and place in two small windows on either side that I can open and run fans in.


I'd love to hear from any of you already growing in a greenhouse!

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We do, but our winters are only temperate, frosts but no snow.

we grow capsicums and sweet potato year round in there, In winter we grow tomatoes and beans plus some cauliflower. Cauliflower grows outside in winter, but if we plant some in the greenhouse and some outside the greenhouse ones are ready to eat 3 weeks earlier, extending our harvest.

In the summer we grow watermelon, cucumbers and cantaloupe.

we also use it to start off seedlings for the garden

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