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Help me pick a good work out game for the Wii!!

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Looking to get a good workout when I can't make it to the gym but still be enjoyable. Want to maintain my weight and toning.

I can't seem to decide if I should go with the: EA Sport 2; EA Sports Active More; Gold's Gym Cardio, or the Wii Fit plus with Balance Board. Amazon seem to have good prices right now.









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I love my EA sports active more! It is fun and challenging. THe activities have you squatting and lunging. But it doesn't feel like working out until you finish and you feel all your sore muscles.


I use my Wii Fit too. It has some good exercises, but they aren't as challenges as the EA. Also, you can link up the strength to do it an row which is nice. But you can't link up the activites to make them a workout as you can in EA.

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I have EA sports active 2, I would say go with one of the EA sports ones, I love Mine. It is challenging and fun. Like the pp said, you don't feel much like you are working out until later. I like how it keeps track of when you workout, it pushes me to work hard to get it in every day. Enjoy!

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