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Does anybody know where I can find this ball (link inside)?

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I am looking for the hair balls that Target used to sell. Nobody seems to have them now.


Here's a link to the exact hair ball that I'm looking for:




I don't care what color it is, but it needs to be this exact ball. This is what my Aspie dd uses to reset herself. She has a throwing/catching game that she plays with it every day. Unfortunately, this game ends up ripping out the little hairs after a lot of use, so each ball lasts just 3-4 months before she needs to replace it. The softer squishy versions of the ball don't work at all for the game and she NEEDS to play it every day.


If any of y'all know where I can get this ball (preferably 4-6 of them so I don't have to do this for a long time), please let me know.

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I sent an email to the company this morning after I finally figured out who made the ball my dd uses. Before today, I just kept finding squishy hair balls or Koosh-style hair balls when I did my searches. I don't remember what search terms I put in that finally got me to the right ball, but I do remember that I had to include target as one of the terms.

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