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Using Middle School Texts in High School

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I will be using the final 1/2 of LightBearers and the Bible and Literature portion of Starting Points Worldview curriculum next year. My thought was to count hours and give appropriate credit in "Worldviews" on the transcript. Is there a problem with using middle school texts in high school? On the one hand, I know there isn't because many people need to use grammar or spelling programs that are below grade level, but on the other hand, I guess I want some assurance. I think the content would be applicable to adults and that the work is still enough for high school level. So I guess I'm wondering what thoughts are for using middle school texts for this kind of course.


On another note, if we do the "Worldviews" course, I'm also considering TOG's philosophy component next year. It is 1/2 credit. Would Philosophy be listed seperately on the transcript or do you think it is the same as Worldviews? I see that they are different, but I can also see that they might be considered the same thing on the transcript. In that case, I could count the Lightbearers stuff toward "Bible" and Sp's time toward "Bible" and "Literature." I thought "Worldviews" would look more mainstream than Bible, but I may be wrong on that.


I'm sort of thinking out loud here and just wondering what some others might think. I've been ruminating all of this in my mind awhile and I'm down to the point where I need to get it clarified, but I need some help thinking about it. Thoughts are appreciated. :confused:

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It matters what your after high school plans are. If you are planning on starting at the junior college they don't care anything at all about what texts you used. All they care about is the scores on their basic English and math tests and that that the student has the ability to keep up with their classes.


If a selective college is TRULY in your child's future, then...I'll let others here with more experience about such things comment on that.


A lot of parents stress over selective school requirements when that is not where their children are headed. It's a shame.

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I see what you are saying. You use the books to drive the ship, but what you are doing on the ship is high school level work (the writing). I will be using the dialectic level for the 1st sememter of history and literature for TOG next year. We'll move to Rhetoric level the following semester. I already had the dialectic books needed (so didn't want to waste money) and I thought it would be good to ramp up into a full blown TOG schedule. I will be adding to the literature portion of TOG with Windows to the World the first semester, so we are definitely high school there and I will be requiring more in the way of written work for the history portion, so I feel justified of giving full credits next year in those subjects.


You said, "The key is to take what you already have, and add to it with other assignments until it reaches high school level." I guess that would match what I've been thinking.

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Well, we don't intend to go jr. college as the initial path beyond dual enrollment, but we aren't going for ivy league, either. We have a lot of good colleges in our area or within a 3 hour drive, to include a state college which we'd consider to save money and allow ds to stay at home for a least a year or two before striking out on his own. We also have an excellent private college we'd consider if we received a chunk of scholarship help (otherwise out of our price range). Right now, I'm thinking I'd best keep my options open for ds because he's still all over the map with what he wants to do, but he does have strong interests in science. Math is not ds's strongpoint so I'm not sure science will be truly on the radar, but he still has time to develop. So my plan is to be as rigorous as we can keeping in mind his weaknesses and his motivation and stress level. He couldn't handle the AP and advance course loads that some of the kids on this board do. I do see some dual enrollment in 11th and 12th, if I think he can handle the pace at that time.


Having said all of that, which is probably more than you wanted to know, :) , my gut is saying to go with my plans. They feel right as far as content level and can be adapted to bring the expectations more in line with 9th grade level work. I have friends who have gotten their kids into the local colleges that I mentioned above and their coursework was a lot less rigorous than what we've intended, so you have a good point about stressing about thinking about what types of colleges we're shooting for.


I'm not just looking at college in my course choices though, although it is a primary motivator. I know I could get my son into the state college with less than what I intend, but I want to give him the best I can give before he leaves home because I believe there are some things that are important to teach even if the college doesn't care about those things. KWIM? And again, I figure if we aim high we'll have more opportunities. Even if we don't reach all the goals we intend, the more education ds has, the better for him and for his future.

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Zee, you're fine. They don't care about grade level designations on a Bible curriculum. It's math, science, etc. where it matters.


That's what I was hoping to hear! :lol: I just needed the assurance. I thought I had done my research and had reasoned it through, but you know how it is, sometimes you just want someone else to say what you're thinking is o.k.


Thank you! I can be at peace now. :D

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