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Is there such a thing as a......


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Pre-Vet similar to Pre-Med in that you need certain courses in undergrad, then apply to a Vet school?


If so, then look for top Christian schools (stats-wise) as they often have better success getting students into grad schools. Is there a certain denomination you'd prefer? Or more generally, would you be looking for a more conservative Christian or liberal Christian? Protestant or Catholic (or other)?


I doubt there is any Christian "Vet School" just as there isn't any Christian "Med School." However, there are probably many Christians in vet schools just as there are in med schools.


Another alternative would be to check out some flagship state U's as they often do well preparing kids for vet school. Every single one of them will have Christian parachurch organizations students can join for support.

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You may find one that has Pre-Vet since it is similar to Pre-Med. But, be very cautious...many offer the classes but they don't necessarily align themselves with what it will take to get into Vet school which is very different from getting into Med school. We know this from dd's sophomore/early junior year and thought she wanted to go to Vet school.


MSU (Michigan State), the big Ag school, requires 240 hours of volunteer labor for a veterinarian or animal rescue. That's a lot of hours and it must be completed before even applying to the college of veterinary medicine. Since MSU readily recognizes that many students need part-time jobs while in college, thus making the 240 hours very difficult to accumulate and still remain financially viable, they allow the hours to be accumulated in high school, but it must be documented "their way". Be sure, be sure, be sure to check out the vet schools your student is interested in and find out exactly what will be required in this area and document it their way. For us, since she was looking at Purdue plus a couple of private colleges, that meant that we had four different logs and the Vet had to sign all four every single time she worked. Good thing he was a happy camper about it! Of course, then she changed to human medicine, LOL!


Also, just so you know, there is some gender bias for scholarship money in many Vet schools. Men just aren't going into the profession. Some Ag schools are seeing a 20 to 1 female/male ratio and many of these women do not want to do large animal work which leaves the farmers with very few veterinarians to service their area. Frankly, large animals can be dangerous and it does require a certain degree of upper body strength to deal with a pushy cow or a frightened draft horse. So as a result, just at MSU and I've heard this is true of many vet schools, there can be a three year wait to get into vet school if the student is female but ZERO waiting list for males and their grades can be kind of crappy too. Seriously, they'll never admit this gender bias but it is there. Also, the big scholarships are going to males because the farmers are absolutely begging them to graduate more large animal vets.


Also, find out which university does "certifications" for the state. MSU is the advisory board for the state for all kinds of things, including certifying new x-ray machines for vets. Well guess what! If the vet graduated from MSU, they can get their x-ray machine inspected and approved within 30 days. If the vet, ask me how I know....one of the vets DD volunteered with went through this...graduated from U of M, then the wait is up to 2 YEARS to get your new equipment certified! No joke! The politics is ridiculous. So, I highly recommend getting to know some vets, find out the particulars in your state and whether or not there is an advantage to attending a particular school, etc. In Michigan, MSU is also quite snarky about taking college grads from other pre-vet programs. So, for a lot of kids, knowing that the politics is fierce, if they can attend MSU for both under-grad and grad, it is the best course.



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