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Thank you for your encouragement, my dd started dual enrollment classes this week...


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I remember posting a little more than a year ago about how I didn't think dd would be able to function in a college setting. Many of you encouraged me. She is finishing her senior year by taking 3 dual enrollment classes at our local community college. She just finished her first week and it is going well. She is dyslexic and dysgraphic and was able to get extra time on tests and is able to use a word processor for writing that is graded as in essays or in class writing. On day 2 she was freaking out because she hadn't heard about her accomodations yet and had a in class graded writing assignment. She was able to get it worked out and was able to write a paragraph in class on her computer. She showed it to me and it was 4 complete sentences without any grammar or spelling mistakes. Her professor read the paper, told her if she continues to write like that she would do well in the class, and allowed her to take the paper home to finish it for next class. I told dd if this is all she accomplishes this semester that I am so proud of her.

For all of you with younger kids, hang in there. Just keep plugging away doing little by little each day. Don't feel bad about skipping a few hours or even a day of work if your child is having a bad day. You are spending more time and effort with them than anyone else and can accomplish amazing things.

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Congrats to you and your daughter!!!! Keep up the excellent work! I can see why you are so proud!


And thank you for the inspiration! I love hearing these stories of kids figuring out how to work through the dyslexia. Sounds like your daughter has figured out how to be successful.

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