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Quiet time activities for boys

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I need some help coming up with evening activities for my 4yo and 2yo. With the weather not being so great these days we're not always outside every day and by the time evening comes the kids are fairly bored and restless... and we all know what happens then. ;)


So, I'm looking to put together a list of "tricks" and things to do with them that are fairly calming.


We tend to play games together in the evenings or do puzzles or playdough but depending on how the day went, they're not wanting to cooperate and play a game without fighting. I do sit and read to them as well but there again, that only lasts for so long.


I don't want to do movies or Wii near bedtime because my 4yo has a hard time turning them off, even if he's been warned beforehand that it's time.


My usual tactics of pawning them off on daddy only go so far because some days dh is really worn out from work. He's usually really involved with them but I need some ideas when he's working late or needs some quiet time himself.


So... gimme your best ideas? Bath time? Early bed? :tongue_smilie:

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Books on tape, coloring books, sorting games, peg boards, geo boards, simple card games, lots of books, bath time, imaginative play with stuffed animals, blocks, marble runs (depending on the kid these are calming or will wind 'em up.)....


That's all I can think of now. Looking forward to reading other ideas.

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At that age there were few things that were truly calming.


1. lego

2. Thomas Trains

3. the tub. Ds would play in the tub for hours if I had let him. Obviously that should be supervised, but it was very calming for both of us *sniff* I miss those days.


Seriously I think dogs and boys should have a wet room in the house. One where you could splash water, spray the hose, drag in the dirt and no worry about messing up the rest of the house. Padded walls and floor would be good too.

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