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Spelling Plus or Delightful Dictation?

Amy Jo

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I need a SWR break. Maybe it's the weather, or the fact that my baby is walking, but I need a break. I'm looking for something requiring less time. I was thinking of trying Spelling Plus Dictation or Delightful Dictation. This is mainly for my oldest, I'd like him to start writing more, and not just lists. I want to apply what he is learning. I thought maybe some short dictation would be beneficial. Spelling is helpful to him, so I don't really want to drop it. I'd just like to spend under 20 minutes a day on it (and not write 20 words in one day).


I'm looking for something inexpensive and I'd really love an ebook format. I really like the samples for Delightful Dictation, I'm just wondering if it's enough? Does it teach rules at all - or could I just use SWR's rules?


He is currently doing Elizabeth's phonics lessons, so he is hearing some rules there too.




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We use Spelling Plus & the accompanying Dictation book. I love it. In my opinion, you really do need the dictation book, or the program seems incomplete (honestly, we hardly ever open the spelling plus book & use the dictation book mainly). I'm not familiar with the other program you've mentioned, so I can't help there. Another option is Simply Spelling. That is available in an ebook (while I don't believe Spelling Plus is):





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