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A recommendation for TT....

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as a fun computer-based option for young students who tend to be accelerated (to varying degrees) but not necessarily 'gifted' in math.


I ordered TT5 today for dd7 to start next month. She did TT3 & 4 already this school year.


As a gentle intro to new concepts -- and plenty of spiral review for previously-learned concepts -- it has been a wonderful program for us. I love it for days when I am distracted and am not able to sit for a math lesson. Today was a sit-down with MM day and teach fractions. We do Singapore workbooks in the car each day while we sit and wait for big dc to get out of school. With 4 busy kids in theater, church, sports, life, etc, I don't always have that luxury of sitting to teach a math lesson.


TT ensures that math gets done despite my lack of availability.


I know TT gets negative reviews in some circles, but I have found it to be a delightful, fun program for dds.


Dd6 is loving TT3.


We use it along with other math programs (MM, Singapore) so dds are getting math from different angles.


We don't write in the books. Dd7 works out all the problems herself on graph paper and types in the answers.


Hope that helps someone looking for an open & go option for math instruction. :001_smile:

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You know, my 8 yr old loves TT too. She's using TT5 as her main math program and it's serving us well. She's a perfectionist though, and freaks out when she only gets a 95% instead of a 100% on her assignments. It's not particularly challenging, but she likes it a lot. Previously she hated all math, so I'm happy to have found it. I think doing it on the computer makes it more fun for kids.

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