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Had to pop in and say "hi" as well as give you the how-to of homemade Greek yogurt.

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Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out how to make Greek yogurt! I put the info. on my bloglink (see below).


The kids are adjusting to school-life in the Catholic school system. I am very proud of them for making such a great adjustment. It has not come without some trial, but I am so pleased.


After 14 years of homeschooling, it is a bit tough getting into the daily grind of taking kids to school, picking them up, and then helping with homework (my new job: Night homeschooler!). It is tiring. But there is much relief for me in not having to plan curriculum.


All of the kids tested extremely high in reading...some off the charts. That was such a blessing to me. But the biggest deal of all was my boy whom I thought was autistic spectrum. I had the school evaluate him. It was necessary for me to meet with a committee of school professionals and tell them about our homeschooling, as well as show some of my son's work to them.


Well, after some further observation in the classroom, they decided that he was not in need of further assistance or help from the special needs pros. They told me that it is likely that most of the homeschooling we did helped him improve and prevented him from regressing. Wow. You have know idea how much that blessed me....so many years of difficulty and struggling with my little guy..but it has come to fruition.


Otherwise, it's all good.


Had to say "hi."





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