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Looking ahead to gr. 9. Need suggestions for what you put together for an English...

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We use a pre-planned literature program (MFW's), but typically by high school, English includes:


- literature study, in more and more depth

- related vocabulary development

- lots of writing, especially supporting an opinion

- grammar review, assuming it has mostly been mastered already but students are now approaching more complicated sentence structures

- spelling on an as-needed basis



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We are also using MFW which I've found to be too light for English. Yes, there is a lot of reading but not enough (IMO) writing. I've tried to remedy that fact by assigning additional writing. For example, rather than just reading through The Iliad they have to paraphrase each book (I did the same thing when they read through Job). In addition to MFW we also use:


Vocabulary for High School Students (LOVE this book!!! Will use it for 9th and 10th then move on to Vocab. for College Students)

Analytical Grammar (I only require my dc do read the lesson then do the test if they feel they know the material)

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For her freshman year, dd did R&S English 8, read a mixture of great books and lit using a printout I had of literary elements and listened to the Great Courses lectures on The Iliad. What I am hoping to do for my middle dd is to use Windows to the World for lit teaching along with some great books ala WTM and other lit combined with something from MCT or Analytical Grammar, but she has a year and a half to go.


btw, that's my middle dd in my new avatar..

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