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What is your favorite cookie?

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First of all (and I say this with love, but...) I hate you for asking this question. I shouldn't have even clicked on this thread! I'm on a stupid stupid diet and there are no cookies anywhere in my life for the foreseeable future. Not that I'm bitter.... :tongue_smilie:


Since you asked, though...peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter cookies. OH....and potato chip cookies. Actually, the potato chip cookies are my absolute favorite. Best cookies EVER.

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Peanut butter cookies, straight out of the Betty Crocker cookbook, made with crunchy peanut butter, and criss-crossed with a fork so they are thin and crunchy.


Now they tie with French almond cookies. A friend and I made these, and there must have been a typo in the recipe, because they turned out to be very thin and crispy. Unfortunately, both she and I can each eat more than a dozen of these in a sitting, and engage in this activity many times in one day.


We are going to make them again next week. But to offset that, I'm going to return to eating big salads for lunch on Monday. I love homemade cookies!

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Ahhh cookies....my biggest dessert weakness.


Absolute favorite...peanut butter cookies!


It's incredibly sad though because I never get them. Both of my kiddos are allergic to peanuts and my DH doesn't like peanut butter cookies.


Last Christmas (2009), a neighbor brought over some peanut butter cookies. That was one of the best presents ever!

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What are those??? I've never heard of them.


Potato Chip Cookies


1/2 lb butter (NOT margarine. BUTTER).

1/2 lb margarine

1 C sugar

3-1/2 C sifted flour

1 tsp vanilla

6 oz potato chips


Cream together all ingredients except chips. Cream VERY well.

Crush chips and add to mixture

Drop walnut size onto an ungreased cookie sheet (they don't spread much)

Bake 12 - 15 minutes at 350.

Cool and sprinle generously with powdered sugar.



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My great Aunt called it real good fudge. But, I have heard other people call them no bake cookies. You put cocoa, sugar, peanut butter, oats and I can't remember what else of the top of my head. You stir for some exact amount of time on the stove top. Then you make little disgusting plops on waxed paper. Once it is cool it is yummy and you cannot eat just one.

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If I were on death row and having my last meal, a box of these and a glass of milk are all I would want. Seriously. If you have never tried them, you should probably keep it that way. They are the devil in a box. I love them with all of my heart. My car actually swerves everytime I pass the only store in town that sells them. Only once or twice a year do I actually give in. In heaven, this is all I will eat.




You can get them online or at Ikea or Tuesday Morning. (Ooops, sorry, they made me tell.)

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