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Time to critique my plan! Need to order asap. :)


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We have been using SOS this year and have decided that we're going to stop wasting our time. It's way too easy for my 3rd and my 4th grader. They have hardly learned anything.


So after a week or two of heavy research, here is what I've come up with:

1. MOH Vol. 1 with Historical and Bible Atlases and Reproducible CD-rom.

-Is that all I'll need, or is there anything else that we just can't do without? I really think they'll like this and learn a lot.

2. Apologia Astronomy with 2 Journals and one lab kit from Home Science Tools (http://www.hometrainingtools.com/astronomy---science-kit/p/AM-KTASTR/).

3. Junior Analytical Grammar

- My 4th grader is WAY behind in grammar, and I thought this would be a nice 11 week way of getting him on track. My 3rd grader is advanced, so I think she can handle it.

4. Spelling Power

- Dd doesn't like it, but I may let her study ahead of time. We couldn't find anything we really liked that looked challenging. Ds likes it.

5. Wordly Wise Book 1, Original

- My plan was to have them start this in the fall, but they are begging me to order it now.

6. Writing Strands, Vol. 3

- I'm not in a hurry to do this, but we could do a little every week or so. I don't see many good reviews, but the one copy we have looks good.

7. Math U See

- We are already using it, and it works well for us. :)


What I would love to hear is if you either love or truly dislike any of the above. I did lots of research, but I'll take any last minute advice! Also, does this sound like it will all work well together? I know it sounds heavy on the language arts, but I think we will go at as slow a pace as we need to.

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wrong link to lab kit :)
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Just to double check you .... you are doing Astronomy, but your link is to the Anatomy kit. Or maybe you'll be doing some REALLY cool astronomy stuff!!


good luck!



Apologia Astronomy was good. We had to edit the young earth stuff but otherwise I liked the way it was written. Some of it was a little over dd7's head but she really liked all of the experiments. We tried to fit it into 18 weeks and it was just too much. I wish now that we had spread it out and added more books from the library. The one thing I learned was to have everything ready and waiting to go and know how everything was to work and how to put everything together. Nothing kills the excitement like waiting 10 minutes for mom to figure out what she's doing. :tongue_smilie:


My dc did not like Writing Strands at all. I'm not sure why, which I know isn't much help to you. We switched to doing writing in the style of Classical Writing Aesop (couldn't afford to purchase it at the time) and they loved doing that.


MUS - add real life application supplements. Singapore challenging word problems was recommended to me. DD could fly through a page of problems but couldn't apply what she was doing to a real situation.


Let your dc use spelling power in a way that works for them. Don't think you need to use it exactly as it is prescribed.


Have Fun!

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