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Do the Ipads need an internet service to work? If so, are they only available with certain providers? I am considering getting one of these down the road, but not if there would be an additional monthly charge.


Hot Lava Mama


You can go either way. Mine is Wi-Fi only (but there is also a Wi-Fi + 3G model). I can use the Internet in my house or anywhere that there is a Wi-Fi Hotspot (library, etc.). Of course, there is plenty that you can do offline as well. HTH!

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You can do either the Wi-Fi version or the Wi-Fi plus 3G


Wi-Fi: If you have a router at your home, providing a network/Wi-Fi, you are good to go at home to get free internet. While out and about, you can get free Wi-Fi at many restaurants, stores, librarys, etc. The only problem with this is if you leave that "spot" your internet drops.


Wi-Fi plus 3G: Has the same benefits as Wi-Fi, but the you can also sign up with AT&T or Verizon to get 3G service. That is internet that connects using cell phone towers, so it is a much more "dedicated" service, ie you can using while traveling down the road, etc, you don't have to be in one "spot". There is a monthly fee. For AT&T, it is $15 for 250MB, or $25 for 2GB (not sure on Verizon pricing). It is not contract so you can start it and stop it whenever you need to. You can also tell your iPad whether to use Wi-Fi or 3G, so to be able to save $$ and get the lowest plan, $15, you can try to use Wi-Fi as much as possible and only use 3G when you have to.

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