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Race to Nowhere

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Has anyone in the hive seen this film?



There's the trailer. I went last night - the screening was sponsored by a private school in my area. It was fascinating to listen to the discussion afterwards. Many parents were worn out by the homework their kids had each night and wished it was less but felt powerless - the kids have to stay "on top" somehow, right?....A few self identified "educators" from the school spoke out about the use of electronics - phones, PCs and how important they were, one claimed a parent said there wasn't enough homework!

Heads began to turn looking for this rogue parent :lol:


I went out of curiousity with my hs friends to see...it was frightening to see the pressure the kids in the film were under and to think my kids will have to compete with them.


A bright spot - an older woman stated she had been a prof at an Ivy and then later switched to a "normal school" (her words) - she wondered where the kids got the idea that they MUST go to an IVY school...she stated that at her Ivy prof job she never cared about her students personally - it was about getting grant money, not their education. I shared this with my dh and he concurred - he has written grants for his department at a well known East Coast univ. He also taught at a small Catholic college and reported there was a huge difference. He actually talked about and told us stories about his students and enjoyed them there - not so much pressure to keep up with grants, research, etc...


Disclaimer: He's no longer a prof, we moved to So Cal for an aerospace job.


So, I'm rambling on and on...anyone else want to share? :bigear:



Michele in So Cal

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I personally hate the way our society is pushing the youth of today to be the "most" this or that. I have nieces that play on 2 basketball teams each...this weekend they each have 3-4 games on Saturday. That is insane and they do that every weekend! My parents have friends that they get together with every Friday night and they all seem to be comparing grandkids and who is doing the best. It's all about comparing achievements. I know I want my boys to have opportunities in life and a good education but I what I really want is for them to love learning and to have a good chance at a life that will bring them happiness and contentment. I want them to have the chance to have a job that they enjoy, for their spouses to be stay-at-home moms if they choose, and to be able to provide for their families. I don't remember when I was a kid that life was so complicated as it is for kids today. Saw something about this topic the other day on news and it is a sad thing to me how much pressure our youth is under today. I would hate in many ways to be in their shoes.

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I am currently struggling to find balance in this area. I fear that I am too lax with my 12yo dd in our schooling, even though I recognize she is a bright and capable student. But at the same time, I don't want to go too far in the other direction and make her a neurotic mess with too much pressure.


I have a very competitive personality and like the feeling of competitive pressure. However dd takes after dh and is much more laid back. I once asked her what level of success would satisfy her and she informed me that she would like to be able to come in second, third, or fourth occasionally. I thought my "strive for first" head would explode.


For now, the compromise I am working toward is that she doesn't have to excel at everything. However, she is required to select two or three projects that she will strive to give her very best. My fear is that if she doesn't use her "giving 110%" ability, then the ability will atrophy like a disused muscle. So while I don't require she do so in every subject or area of her life, I am going to require it in certain mutually agreed upon areas.


For the time being, those target areas are her martial arts class, her 4H dog training project, and her art curriculum. It pains me that we will not be giving our all for history, math, language arts, or science even though I do expect basic competence in those areas.


Today for our character studies unit, we continued our focus on work ethic, diligence, and persistence. This is all I know to do. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving this? I don't want to become an ubermom, nor do I want to raise a chronic slacker. I'd love a roadmap, if anyone has an extra to share.

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