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Lively Latin Video Problems

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Okay, I downloaded the LL BB1 and we enjoyed today very much. We can't get the videos to play though! We've tried it on 2 different computers and with 3 different browsers (Mozilla, IE8 and Google Chrome), and run the updates but nothing works! It's so frustrating. Part of the reason I went with LL is the video lessons and I can't access them. If I had known that, I would have ordered them on DVD. Any ideas?

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Disclaimer: I am NOT technologically savvy (AT ALL!), so don't know the lingo to try to help, but will do my best! ;) We are in BB1 as well and so far have been able to view all lessons (we're only up to lesson 2.2). However, what I notice is that when we click on the link for the lesson and it goes to the black box (screen?) and there is a message below the black screen that says, "Buffering . . . " it never seems to get to where the buffering is complete, right? So one day (out of sheer frustration!) I just went ahead and clicked on the 'Play' button (that is also under the black screen) and lo and behold, the lesson popped right up and played perfectly! So, all of that to say, it might BE there even though it doesn't look likes it is there. :001_huh: So sorry for the very un-technical explanation, but I hope it helps. :001_smile:

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