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Any ice skaters out there?

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Dc age 10 have done a few sessions of skate camp, and now I want to buy them some ice skates. They would be using them maybe a couple of times a month in winter -- there are three rinks nearby and a nature center with regular skating parties, if the water is frozen. No one would be be doing fancy figure skating or playing ice hockey.


So what should I look for? Ds is an adult size 8 and dd is an adult size 7. Should I think about dd using ds's old skates next year? Or, are skates so inexpensive that I don't need to worry about this? I see skates on Amazon for $30-40, but on local store websites more like $70-80; at the skating rink shop, skates are hundreds of dollars. Not sure what I should be looking for.


And, can anyone tell me the difference between figure skates and ice skates? I am not even sure what kind of skates we rented.

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TOE PICK! (Name that movie!)


ALso, hockey skates are angled downward. The heels are higher than the toes (except for goalie skates; they are flat to facilitate side to side movement.)


I'd go for hockey skates. Get an appropriate fit. They are not something to grow into. FInd a secondhand sports shop and ask for help.

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I'll take a stab at this question.


For the most part all boys where hockey skates. They have no 'pick' at the end. (A jagged part at the front part of the skate). Most hockey skates are wider then figure skates.


Girls around here either were hockey skates, or figure skates. Figure skates have a 'pick' at the tip.


(I'm not saying in anyway that boys don't where figure skates, just that it's not a common sight)


In my area, Ottawa Canada where skating is popular - you can usually get lucky and find skates at the thirft store (Second hand shop). Ladies figure skates size 8 are a very easy find and can be had for about 4 dollars. Other types and sizes depend more on luck and how big the thrift store is.


If you are going to buy skates I recommend you go to a store such as "Play is again" sports. Used equipment that they inspect to make sure it's good quality, and they sharpen the skates for you.


Julie -- thanks. When I spoke with the children's ice skating instructor, she suggested figure skates, saying that they were more stable because the blade is longer. Does that sound right? But, if hockey skates are wider, would they be more stable? And I am still wondering about 'recreational' skates....


My Canadian relatives are always able to buy used skates, but, where I am, it is not so easy -- skating is not that widespread.

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TOE PICK! (Name that movie!)



The Cutting Edge :001_smile:


I bought my kids these skates this year and we've really enjoyed them:






My links don't work so search ice skates on Target.com and you'll see these two. They have been really nice for my kids since their feet grow so fast and I'm not raising figure skaters.



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