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Another strange but positive twist in our bullying situation

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Last year, there were 3 boys who ganged up on DS during his freshman year. Near the end of the year, it all came to a head and the boys were ordered to have no contact at all with my son.


Well, the first couple days of sophomore year, one of them started right up again. He got suspended for a day.


He left the school 2 months ago.


A second boy, who DS heard never stopped badmouthing him, just left the school recently. A boy told DS on the bully's last day, this bully kept calling DS No Beer Queer until the boy told the bully to shut up. DS doesn't drink or do drugs or have a girlfriend. Makes me sick. DS and the bully have no classes together and aren't on any teams together or in any clubs. :confused: I just don't get it.


So now there is only one of the 3 left. The third boy is in DS's geometry class and is also in DS's small problem-solving group (of 4). DS says he is fine...he just says stuff like "this better be right" if DS comes up with an idea.


I am glad they are gone. My son wanted to go to this school since he was 3 and I find it ironic that 2 of the boys that made him so miserable his freshman year won't even graduate from there.

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As the teens say here, these boys 'have issues'. If they tried that here, everyone w/o issues would say things like 'shut up stalker' to help your son out. Sorry you had to put up with that.


I'd get that problem solving group changed. The admin here would do it in a heartbeat, and they'd just change all the groups so no one would suspect the particular reason.


I mentioned that to DS.


He's fine with with the boy in his group. DS wants to move on.

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The other boy is not ready to move on.


There's no reason for your son to have to put up with comments like the one you quoted. He's not responsible for that boy's issues. The teacher is responsible for preventing a hostile atmosphere - and he's not doing his job. Your admin let the ball drop by putting your son in with this child without arranging support. If you're coming up on third quarter, it would be a good time to move.


I'm not trying to sway you, just relating as we are in a full inclusion situation so stuff like this comes up all.the.time. The psychs are very good at helping those with issues, once they are called in. The students without issues have great hearts, but the bottom line is that they can't settle the issues - they're too big. The school support staff -psych, counselor, and social worker - can all effectively help.


Good luck with it.


I appreciate your advice. DS said he doesn't think he means it viciously. :confused:


I am glad your school has all those resources to deal with problems.

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