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Success with Wiley Self-Teaching Guides for HS Science

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Please report your success/satisfaction with using the Wiley Self-Teaching Guides and Great Books for HS science.


This year DD14 is using Exploring Creation with Biology and doing labs through a local coop, but she is not reading any Great Books for science and she complains about strong creation bias in the text. I'm offering her the option of using Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, doing labs on our own, and reading Copernicus, Kepler, and Gallileo for 10th grade Astronomy. Has anyone else successfully done this?

DD is somewhat concerned about the printed answers just below questions in the Wiley text. I'm concerned about a lack of coop for labs. Yet I believe that the suggested WTM way is the best way to draw her into a conversation about scientific ideas. If we stick with the coop, she'll do Exploring Creation with Chemistry and her focus will be on learning facts to pass tests. She probably will not have time to read the great authors listed above. If we use the WTM model, I hope she will grapple with ideas.


How successful have you been using the WTM model for high school science?

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We have not used WTM model for high school science. However, we did use the Wiley Chemistry book for one of our sons. The answers below the text weren't a problem, but we only used the Wiley book because we needed a quick chem credit. You would need to supplement Wiley to make it a full credit - labs, extra reading, and possibly extra problems. Ds found it very easy.

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Last year, my oldest dd did a full credit of Astronomy with the Wiley guide. She loved it!! She read the text, answered the questions in a notebook, watched about 10 documentaries, checked out about 10 library books, and wrote several papers. She had well over 150 hours "IN" for the credit. I graded her on the papers and the % complete of the book and questions. Oh, I think she also did a vocabulary quiz. The Wiley guide had some activities that could count as "labs" and some of the documentaries were basically "video labs". I've found some virtual labs online for other sciences, maybe you could find some for astronomy. If you want or need exams then she could do the in book questions with answers available as a study guide and then you could pull an exam from those questions.

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