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Please don't be mad if I ask about crockpots just one more time....

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Mine is falling apart and I really, really need to replace it. I've looked and looked online, done a search of the old threads about them here, etc.


It seems that both Rival and Hamilton Beach do contain lead. There are some more expensive brands online (Williams Sonoma, etc.) but those seem to be stainless with a non-stick inner lining and that presents its own problems - doesn't it? Or is there some new non-stick lining now that is not problematic?


I know that some use heavier pots in the oven, but that's not going to work for me. I don't want to heat up the entire oven, and the oven I now have has blown fuses in back in past that sent sparks cascading down the wall behind. I'd be afraid to leave it on while out of the house.


As many years as I've used this crockpot, could it really still be leaching lead? Or has its load already been dumped into our bodies? How do I check such a thing? Can we be tested? Should we be tested? How can I check the liner, itself?


Has *anyone* here found a good, solid reliable alternative? Pretty please?


I'm getting desperate.....

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I'll probably get flamed for this, but here goes.


Go to your closest discount department store, pick out a crock pot you like, buy it, take it home and don't obsess about what might happen. Just to be on the safe side, just only plastic or silicon utensils on the inside of the crock.

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My children were tested for lead as a part of their routine physical (this was years ago). I think you can ask the pediatrician and get that taken care of pretty easily. FWIW, I wouldn't be too worried about lead from the crockpot myself.

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