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Cheapest way to package and ship clothes on ebay?

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I have several clothing items to sell and was wondering about the best way to ship them. I really like the heavy duty plastic bags that companies like Lands End and Eddie Bauer use. Are these economical? If so, where do you get them? Just wanting to save as much as possible on shipping expenses.



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I have bought several items of clothing on ebay and the sellers usually send them in the post office's priority mail envelopes - the large kind that have some kind of fibrous structure to them - tough and flexible. They are free at the po - you just to have to send the items priority.

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It depends what you are shipping - how much it weighs, and how much space it takes up.


The flat rate Priority Mail envelopes are good for a heavy item like a pair of jeans. To put them in, put into a ziploc and squeeze all the air out, then put the zip-loc into the envelope.


The lightweight-but-sturdy "fashion mailers" are great for lighter weight items, especially smaller items that may be able to go first class. Look for "fashion mailers" on eBay - that's where the serious eBay sellers get them.


For multiple item lots, the various sizes of flat rate Priority boxes are often the best choice - but you have to know how much the box will weigh to know for sure, as sometimes the regular Priority box is cheaper.


On eBay, if you look at the top of the page, go to Community --> Discussion Boards --> Children's Clothing Boutique. There you will find a board of very nice people (much like this one), who know *everything* about selling clothing on eBay. You will learn a ton just by "listening", but they are also nice about answering questions.

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