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If you blog and your extended family reads it...

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What safe-guards do you have?


I'm wanting to do more blogging about our family, primarily so that both people here can see what we do and that my extended family can see what we are up to. I'd also like a record of what we've done. Other homeschoolers are probably going to want detail, while family would probably rather have pictures and such.


Add to that, my step mother is generally a very nice person. But (you knew that was coming, didn't you?)... She can fly of the handle, and she can be vindictive. She will use what I've said (or her perceptions of my life) against me. I want to have a 'polite' blog - with all positive stuff and not to personal if she reads it.


Anyway. Should I just have two blogs? One for our curriculum and weekly reports (which I want to start doing). Another that I can make into a public family letter about our lives? (One of my goals this year is to write a lot more, and I'd probably update each weekly, so I think that it's doable.)





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