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I'm feeling bored with what we're doing....maybe it's just mid-year blahs, but I AM looking for a new LA program (we're dropping Shurley....too over the top in depth) and will need to replace Health soon as we're almost done with it.


So, here's what we're currently doing.....what would you change? why?


(Will we really change anything??? I dunno....but it's fun to think about. Shopping for curriculum is FUN you know! And it's my money you're spending, so it's even better, LOL)


Math - Horizons 5

LA - ???

Science - BJU 5 (not thrilled with this but it works)

History - MOH (DD loves this....though we haven't been doing all the timelines and notecards - shame on us)

Geography - Geography of the US

Health - Lifepac

Reading - Units on different books (currently To Kill a Mockingbird)

Misc Brain Teasers

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No suggestions for curriculum. (I'm actually bored w/ some of our stuff too...January Blues)


I understand about Shurley, it can get rrrreeeeaaaaalllll old! But one thought. The way it teaches to find the subject noun, verbs etc. is something that I still teach! I haven't used Shurley in years but I've found no matter which LA program I use, I always use the question/answer flow. Just thought I'd pass that along. Many of the principles taught in Shurley can be applied to any program.


Have fun shopping!!

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