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It's too cold for butter to soften

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For rising dough in the winter, I put my oven on warm for a bit and turn it off. Before I had that option (when warmest was in the 100's) I would put a bowl of hot water in the back of the oven and then put the dough in to raise.


When I was growing up, we had hot water heat. How I miss those radiators! We dried clothes on then, raised bread dough, etc, etc. :001_smile:

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Sometimes if it's cold, you can just do a reeeeeeaaaaally long, slow rise. As in, leave 'em out overnight. And if they still haven't risen in the morning, slip 'em in a really low oven for an hour. But usually even in a cold place, overnight is enough...


they'll make a wonderful breakfast in the morning then :001_smile:

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