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Help with picking a new hairstyle?

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So I got my haircut last Friday, (disaster) and it did not turn out the way I wanted it. The hairstylist chopped off more hair than she did style it, so now it does not look so good! I am going to wait for my hair to grow back, but in the meantime, I am starting to look at some pictures to try and style my hair again. But I don't know which one to choose! They all look so good, maybe you could make some suggestions for me as well?


I can't post any pictures on here because for some reason it won't let me, so I will do my best trying to describe it for you:


I have long brown hair that goes to my stomach, I am 5'4", thinnish, I wear glasses and I have a side bang.


I like the idea of long layers, but I also want my layers to be noticeable as well, without having all of my hair chopped off! :) Here are some suggestions that I have already (remember, I want to keep my length):








Any suggestions for my hair? TIA!!:001_smile:

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I like the first one, but it looks like it would be a lot of work each day. The second two look more easy to keep up without wasting your entire day fixing your hair.


I do like the first hairstyle, but like you said I prefer the last two because they seem easier to manage. Thank you.


Do you have thick, glossy, healthy hair? I think girls in the pics have hair extensions. I could be wrong, but the hair looks kinda fake like extensions.


I do have thick healthy hair, glossy, not all the time, unless I put in serum or something to make it really glossy. But you are right, I think some of them do wear hair extensions, and I want to be all natural!

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Wow, I really like that hairstyle too!!, It looks really nice the way Sandra Bullock has it done.


Pictures number one and three look like they are similar cuts just curled and styled differently. Flipping the curling iron (or blow drying brush) towards the back or under creates different looks with basically the same head of hair.


Yea, you are right on that one too.


Thank you all for the suggestions and help!

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