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iPad for schooling....can anyone answer a few questions?

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I have a question about how this works. I'd really love to have an iPad for schooling purposes. It would be great to be able to pick up my iPad and take school with me wherever we go.


For example...I use the Positive Action Bible Curriculum, if you have ever heard of it. For next year I have the option of purchasing the printed book or a CD-Rom. Say I get the CD....is there any way to put it on my iPad? I know that it does not have a CD drive, but is there any way to put it on the iPad as a PDF file?


Same for things like the Math U See DVD. I'd love to be able to just watch each day's video from my iPad. While my daughter is on another subject, I can watch the video and prepare for our math lesson.


It would really be much easier to convince DH for an iPad if it will do all of this stuff LOL. I wonder if the next iPad will offer wireless printing capabilities. If so, I think I'd be sold on it if I could print straight from my curriculum on my iPad!


And how do books work on it? I have an iPhone so I'm somewhat familiar with it. But I tried out a Nook Color the other day and I just LOVE how kids books are on there. Full color, they can choose between reading it themselves or the Nook reading it to them, etc. Can you do this on the iPad? Maybe if you just download the Nook app?


Thanks to anyone who can answer my questions!

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I just recently discovered I could get a pdf reader for my iPad. So now I am having a blast transferring my educational pdf files to my iPad! For example, we are using Mr Q's Life Science. I love being able to sit with Doodle and read through the text with him using my iPad. I can't answer your other questions. Sorry.


Yesterday I download McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader to my Kindle app. I'm so ecstatic!

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Yes, you can put PDF files on the iPad with an app. You can download cutepdf to convert other files to PDF. When you are done downloading cutepdf, you go to the file you want to convert and click print. Then you change the printer to cutepdf print.


If you have a bunch of files that you need to convert to one PDF, select all, then click on the first page and click print. Again, choose the cutepdf printer.

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We bought our iPad for homeschooling and use it extensively. We couldn't homeschool without it, but that's only because we scanned all of our ebooks and it's the best color device available right now. In my opinion, the Nook Color's screen is too small for a lot of color books, unless they are specifially designed to be displayed on it.


Unfortunately there really aren't a lot of color books available as ebooks yet simply because there hasn't been a good way to read them till recently. If I hadn't scanned our books, the iPad wouldn't have been much use to us because I couldn't buy what I needed as ebooks. There is a reasonable amount of curriculum available to purchase though. And I expect much more will become available soon.


We use Goodreader for almost all of our ebooks and pdf curricula. It displays a variety of formats.


You can transfer data from a CD or DVD through iTunes to your iPad. If you just have a 16gb iPad you won't be able to store many DVDs on it, but you could certainly put a new one on each day, deleting what you've already seen. (Personally though, I can't stand iTunes and I'd hate to have to deal with transferring DVDs often.)


There is limited wireless printing right now and it's rumored that the next iPad will be able to do more printing.

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There are a couple of print apps out there that will give you print ability. Printcentral seems to be popular.


I would imagine that if you can figure out how to get your videos from the DVD to iTunes, then you could get them to your iPad. I'm sure there's some sort of converter application out there.


All of Project Gutenberg's books are available for free from iBooks. There are several good PDF viewers (including iBooks). Many let you read and mark-up PDF files. My husband has started copying his work/grad school pdfs to my iPad so when we are at an all day wrestling tournament for one of our boys, he can just take the iPad.


Wordprocessing is available. Pages or some apps that all you to create Word compatible docs. The more I've worked with it, the more I like and prefer creating docs on my iPad.


I am an app-a-holic. I read about new apps daily. I have found some interesting, interactive apps for about all subject areas.




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If you have a printer with ePrint and the latest update for iPad you can print. You just touch the icon with an arrow(sorry-don't know what it is called) and print is one of the options. Our printer just happened to be dying at the same time the update came out, so we made sure to get the ePrint on the new one.

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The iPad currently offers Airprint, which is wireless printing.


If you go to Apple.com and the go to the iPad page, and then Features. Scroll down and there is a blurb about Airprint. Click on that for more info and you will see a list of compatible printers. All HP's right now.

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