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If you use a workbox system (sort of)


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If you use any kind of system -- workbox or other -- that utilizes cards that the student turns in at various times, did you make your own cards or do you have any links to some?


For example:



  • I'm Stuck
  • Work with Mom
  • I Have a Question
  • Take a Break


Those kind of cards are what I need, rather than subject cards. Thanks!

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I did a google search and was able to find some of them, but in the end I bought these


We don't use workboxes anymore, but my kids still have them, so if one of them wanders off or moves on to something else while I'm working with someone else I know why. I've told them that if I'm in the middle of something with another child and they are in the "red" zone then they can move to something independent or they can have a short break for a snack, drink, or can go read while they wait for me.

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Blogs are your bestfriend when it comes to this.


I got from 1+1+1=1, Confessions of a Homeschool and MamaJen all my labels that I printed, laminated and velcro attached.


They include different break times. Help and Mom ones as well as other activities.


This is exactly where I got mine from, too :D.

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